Spotlight on Recruitment

2021 research report:
Mind the Trust Gap 

We conducted research with 500 HR and Talent professionals from businesses with 5-5,000 employees.

What did our research discover?

  • Recruitment is broken - 57% of all hires are not working out to some degree
  • Key themes around the biggest challenges in recruitment
  • Important priorities for recruitment in the coming year
  • Recruitment solutions that businesses are either using or looking to use within the next 24 months
  • The role technology plays in the future of recruitment 

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What does the research report cover?


Findings from research conducted with over 500 HR and Talent leaders across a variety of sectors  

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The three key reasons why recruitment isn’t working 


What HR Leaders need to do to fix recruitment in their business 

We’re now at the beginning of a crucial period of change for HR and talent acquisition. So to understand the pressures, pain points and priorities of an era marked by post-pandemic recovery, rapid digitalisation and workplace evolution, we are taking an in depth look in our new annual research series, Spotlight on Recruitment. 

Mind the Trust Gap

“When recruitment activity surges, the risk of getting it wrong increases too.” 
Jayson Darby, Head of Science